(ASCA) - Rome, - Law of stability ', abolition IMU, Decree on the' Land of Fires', the abolition of public financing of political parties and the European Council of 19 December. These are the topics covered during the press conference's institutional Secretary of State, Sabrina De Camillis this morning in the Prefecture of Campobasso. Decree 'Land of Fires', the Secretary stressed the importance and reaffirmed its intention to solve this problem in Molise. '' After the alarm bells on the contamination of agricultural land - he said - and possible dangers to human health, technical investigations will be carried out to map the areas affected by pollution. The owners of the land will allow access to scientific investigations, otherwise it will be included in the list 'no food'''. The representative of the Government talking about the Law of stability 'said:'' Of course you could do more'. Now the goal, during the Italian Presidency of the European demestre, and 'to achieve certain goals and to seek and obtain from Europe several economic parameters that allow to have the availability' of more resources to hook the train of the revival.'' Among the measures envisaged, the new taxation of the first house in the format service tax, a first cut mini Irpef at work, a new fund for the reduction of the tax burden and a solidarity contribution 'pensions in excess of € 90 000 per year. Abolition of public funding of political parties, the leader of the center-right New said:'' The Government Letta not 'one of the' hot pannicelli 'and the provision and' synthesis of the commitment and now maintained by the citizens. Now we must look ahead and think about the work and only work.''

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