Palermo, December 27th - (Adnkronos) - The journalist of A, the sociologist Francesco Pira and the famous chef Pino Cuttaia, Michelin star, will be among the honorees' Licata there'' , to be held 'tomorrow night at the Kings Theatre Grillo di Licata (Agrigento), with the patronage of the city, and that is part of the program of Christmas 2013. "It is an event that aims to subvert the idea spread that Licata is a dead city and empty - says the organizer Deborah Calderaro - As a young licatese who firmly believes in the potential of their city, not only as regards the very beauty of its territory, but also for what concerns the Licata who does and has done it, I wanted to, so to speak, put me in search of those subjects that are activated in and for our city and provide an important contribution to the enhancement of our territory. And so I did, starting from the contact personality already known ending up discovering an 'active site', full of talent, even hidden, it deserves all the consideration of the city. 'A Licata's' wants to be an incentive for the entire population licatese who still believes in change, growth and progress. Why Licata there was, there is, and we will. " The evening event will be conducted by the same Deborah Calderaro and another young man, Luca Morello. To announce the event was organized by the group of young Short Mania a black and white video posted on Youtube, and that in the last hours has been spread through Facebook and Twitter. Among the winners, in the context of culture, arts and professions Calogero Carita ', Peritore Lawrence, Newfoundland Elvira, Angel and Old Maurizio Cellura; Pine Cuttaia for Food and Joseph Bonsignore, and even associations.

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