Rome, - "The fees have not been at all

removed, or have been reduced, the country is not moving,

anything, is struggling to get back on their feet because have not been

yet realized the urgent reforms are essential to

-start the economy. " He said in a statement Joseph

Galati, member of Forza Italy, according to which "the tunnel

of the crisis from which we should be left for months, depending on

to the allegations that date back to the former Prime Minister Monti,

is still completely dark and, to date, no one can see the

end glimmers of light. "

"You do not understand - he added - which is in tunnel

the leader of the Democratic Party, Matteo Colaninno, while attacking the

President of LAN, Berlusconi, who is pressing the government for months to

less spending and lower taxes, and today describes the dramatic reality of the

country. So far, apart from the mess made by the law

Stability and Save with dl-Rome and the subsequent Milleproroghe

of useful interventions for growth and employment there is no

even the shadow, were all sent by the government to 2014

which, according to the Minister for Relations with Parliament,

Franceschini ,'' will be the year of big changes. '"

" Well, optimism and excitement for an upcoming future

best - said the exponent blue - you record

only in the ranks of the left, while the country is tired,

confused, discouraged and resigned. That this is a symptom

executive blunt, little brave, not up to the

difficult task that has been assigned, a government that

instead of to keep the promises he has made only new, "

concluded Galati.

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