Livorno, - (Adnkronos) - The squad of the police headquarters in Livorno and Cecina police have arrested in flagrante delicto a gang of thieves. They are accused of burglary in the competition four men: RDS, 45, a native of Boscotrecase (Na) and resident in Cecina (Livorno), FC, 37, was born in Catania, and a resident of Rosignano Maritime (Li), AR 48 years old, born and residing in Catania, GAB, 48, born and living in Catania. Two thieves came in with a flight Catania to Pisa the day before the theft, reaching two accomplices and basisti. The band had planned for some time a robbery in a villa in the hills above Cecina, in the municipality of Montescudaio, owned by well-known restaurateurs of Bolgheri (LI).

During a service of prevention and suppression of crimes, initiated by the superintendent, plainclothes agents noticed, the center of Cecina exit on Highway Aurelia, a suspicious van that was heading towards a remote area of ​​the country where there are villas and cottages of merit, more 'times subject to theft. It 'started so' shadowing the middle of a dirt road to the entrance closed by a bar, which allows access to two villas. Here are three bandits got off the van and they started to run into the bush, while the truck driver went on the march for a few hundred meters, then being blocked by plainclothes agents.

The three bandits meanwhile climbed over the fence of the house targeted by logging in to the park and then inside the apartment. The police then surrounded the house, and ordered the thieves to go outdoors. The bandits tried to escape through the windows of the first floor, but were stopped and arrested, so 'as the' pole 'remained in the van. (Continued)

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