(ASCA) - Rome, - In 2012, about 11 million were sent 738 000 sickness certificates for the private sector and 5 million 477 thousand for the government. The regional distribution of the number of certificates transmitted disease, Lombardy and 'in first place for the private sector and Lazio to the fields of public administration. In 2012, the South and 'the distribution with the average number of days per event more' high (11.4) for the private sector, while the public sector there is 'little variability' compared to the national average of 6.4 days per event. For the year 2012 the total number of disease events and 'amounting to approximately 9 million for the private sector and 4.5 million for the public administration. In both sectors, the increased frequency and class''''' up to 3 days (43.5% for the private sector and 62.5% for public administration). Between the two sectors differently, 'even the gender distribution with 57% of the males in the private sector compared to 31% in public administration. They report data on Cohesion 2013 edited by ISTAT and the Ministry of Labour.

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