Rome, (LaPresse) - "The modalities of the parliamentary law conversion" of the decree 'Save-Rome' in the course of which have been added to the original text of the Decree of 10 items, for a total of 90 paragraphs - lead me to propose to your attention the need to verify with the utmost rigor the admissibility of amendments to bills of exchange. " And 'what writes the head of state, Giorgio Napolitano, in a message sent to Prime Minister Enrico Letta and the chairmen of the House and Senate, Laura Boldrini and Piero Grasso. It 'was Boldrini to read the text of the letter in the classroom. With the "spirit of institutional collaboration," Napolitano invites you to evaluate the admissibility of the amendments referred to the by-laws, policies closely related to the specific object of the same and related purposes, even taking - if deemed necessary - appropriate changes in the regulations MPs. "

As early as February 2012, Napolitano recalls," I sent to the Presidents pro tempore of the Chambers a letter in which I felt that in the face all'abnormità the outcome of the conversion process would not have longer be able to avail myself of the right to waive court, while recognizing that this could result in the forfeiture of the entire decree, they do not have the option of partial referral. " "I expressed also - writes the head of state by renewing its call on the government and parliament - Notice that in this case it was possible a partial reiteration that takes account of the reasons at the basis of the request for review. The Constitutional Court, moreover, since the judgment no. 360 of 1996, has set a limit to the prohibition of recurrence the identification of new grounds of necessity and urgency. "

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