Rome, - In Italy in 2013 compared to 2012 drops

reading books and even though the "strong readers", ie the

people who read at least one book in average per month, are

13.9%, a family of ten (10.3%) do not even possess a

book at home. And 'what emerges from the Istat report "The

production and reading books in Italian," presented today.

In 2013, the dossier says, more than 24 million persons aged 6

and more declare that I have read in the previous 12 months

interview, at least one book for reasons that are not strictly

educational or professional . Compared to 2012, the share of readers

of books has dropped from 46% to 43%. During the year, read

at least one book for 49.3% of the female population and only

36.4% of men.

The age group which reads more is that between 11 and

14 years (57.2%). The propensity to reading depends on the

school, but also from the family: law books 75% of the

boys between 6 and 14 years with both parents readers,

versus 35.4% of those with parents who do not read.

There are still regional differences: in the regions

law over the northern half of the population aged 6 and

more (50.1% in the North West and 51.3% in the Northeast), while in the South and

Islands in the proportion of readers is matched only by 30.7%. In common

center of the metropolitan area's share of readers is 51.6%,

in those with less than 2,000 inhabitants drops to 36%. The number of

read books, however, is modest: 46.6% of the readers read

at most three books in 12 months. The "strong readers", ie the

people who read on average at least one book a month, are

13.9% of the readers. (Contd.)

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