Rome, - On the occasion of the New Year concertone

tomorrow night, Roma Capitale has decided to experiment with a

innovative technology "Made in Rome" alternative to the traditional

generator (electric generator from fossil fuels),

realized in order to cancel the emissions of CO2, delete

its fumes and reduce the noise impact. All the backstage

and the towers of audio delay (delay towers), positioned between the

public during major live events in order to spread the

sound at a great distance from the stage, usually supported

energetically with traditional generators, will be

replaced by special and powerful generators ecological

previously loaded from renewable sources, ie by energy


Ecoluce system, as well as void the environmental impact of

usually caused by generators, protecting the public from

unnecessary exposure and dramatically reduces cabling

current necessary to the preparation of the towers themselves. Yes

This is a project created by a company, the Ecoluce

Technologies Ltd., a branch of a spin-off of the University of

Rome - Tor Vergata , holder of a patent granted by the

Ministry of Economic Development.

"This trial - says the Capitol - will be helpful in Rome

Capital to start to a path that, starting from the always

greater commitment to environmental sustainability of large

events, and driving becomes an example for citizens,

directors and operators who want to make the city of Rome

more livable and careful in issuing those greenhouse gas

emissions that are the primary cause of climate change. The city

Rome becomes an increasingly active subject to the

Community objectives. "

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