+ + Concern for Italian families stuck in the country for adoptions + + (ASCA) - Rome, - The security forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo have rejected a wave of coordinated attacks against the symbols of power in the capital Kinshasa and other cities' of the country, killing dozens of rebels. Some youths, allegedly supporters of the religious leader Joseph Mukungubila Mutombo, one of the challengers to President Joseph Kabila in the election seven years ago, they fattoirruzione in the seat of the national RTNC, taking hostage some reporters. Shootings have occurred also at the international airport and the main military base in Kinshasa, but rebel attacks have also hit the city of Lubumbashi and Kindu. '' The situation is' under control now everywhere,'' he told AFP a government source, who reported 16 rebels killed at the airport, 16 at the military base in eight others in the assault on the RTNC. Kinshasa was still far enough outside of the conflicts that long bloody the giant African nazionde, rich in oil and natural gas. In Italy there is growing concern for a group of compatriots currently blocked in the country to complete the procedures of the adoption of children, blocked by the suspension decided by the government in Kinshasa. The Unit 'Crisis Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appealed to Italians'' not leave their accommodation'', while the Italian embassy and' in constant contact with the families'' locked'' in the country for adoptions. The President of the Council, Enrico Letta, and ''' said close to 24 Italian families affected by the blockade of international adoptions in Congo.'' The Italian government has promised read,'' continue 'to follow the story with focus and determination, in support of the legitimate expectations of Italian families.''

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