(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The President of the Council, Enrico Letta, and 'close to 24 Italian families affected by the blockade of international adoptions in the Congo and has been working for weeks, affinche 'the matter can be resolved positively.'' And 'what is said in a note to Palazzo Chigi. '' As requested by the President of the Council in the course of the telephone conversation of December 24, with the prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Matata, it met on 26 December in Kinshasa, our delegation of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Office of the Minister for Integration. Prime Minister Matata has confirmed the overall situation of temporary suspension of international adoptions, which covers several countries besides Italy, and the need 'to carry out checks against irregularities' found in procedures,'' the statement added. '' In view of the keen interest of the families and of the Italian government for a rapid and positive solution to the case, the Congolese Prime Minister has confirmed its commitment to speed up the review of the adoption, by providing that the Italian cases have occurred first. For this purpose, a mission of officials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and 'waiting in Rome, short, to initiate investigation, which will inevitably require some time. The authorities' Congolese have also undertaken to allow families who, in the meantime, they decide to return to Italy, to determine at what structure in the Congo can be accommodated their children. The Italian side are preparing additional measures on-site assistance to parents and children, including through the strengthening of the embassy. The Italian Government will continue 'to follow the story with focus and determination, in support of the legitimate expectations of Italian families,'' the statement concludes.

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