Moscow, - For the Russian Foreign Ministry

Volgograd tragedies are "criminal attacks" that "as

terrorist attacks in the United States, Syria, Iraq

Libya, Afghanistan, Nigeria and other countries "follow" patterns

uniforms and have the same general principals. " To Moscow

double hit was "cynically planned on the eve of

New Year celebrations," causing "panic and chaos,

l 'inter-religious enmity and conflict in Russian society. But

we will not bow down and continue the fight hard and consistent

against the insidious enemy that knows no boundaries and can be

only stopped together. "

At the gates of the Russian Caucasus. But most of the attacks on the

last hours of slashes in the heart of the "city-hero"

Soviet Union in 1942 where he began the defeat of Germany

Nazi . Volgograd (the city on the Volga), so named in 1961,

and before Stalingrad, has always been synonymous with victory.

Historically crucial point in the "Great Patriotic War" (the

Russian designation of the Second World War) against

Nazism: in fact, stopped the advance of the German forces and marked

the beginning of the counteroffensive, that would bring the Red Army

in Berlin.

Now is the new epicenter of the fear in the Russian Federation

in the crosshairs of Islamist terrorism caucasian . Cons

the Orthodox cross raised by Vladimir Putin, more and more

Conservative leader and protect the ancient traditions and

Christian values, the challenge has been launched by Doku Umarov,

sworn enemy of Putin and leader of the militants who aspire to a

Emirate of the Caucasus in Russia. It was he who exhort his

fighters in July to use "maximum force" to

sabotage the Olympic Games in Sochi. And apparently the followers of

terror have heard it.

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