Florence, - (Adnkronos) - In order to enable the events of New Year's Eve in city squares has been prepared a series of measures of circulation that follow those already established in the past. So the area of ​​the railway station of Santa Maria Novella will be off limits to vehicles from the 20 tomorrow. Confirmed the extension of the ZTL up at 8 in the first year (the electronic gates will be lit from 7:30 am tomorrow at 8 am on Wednesday) and the non-stop services with the tramway terminus at the Leopolda. Also confirmed the four free shuttles to the city center from 21 to 3, while the regular service at 21 Afaf cease to resume at 5:40 on Wednesday January 1.

To mount the stage at Station Square, which will host the main event, the bans are already in place to stop in the raised side Ticket Fs side departures and taxi staging area (this is of areas dedicated to the kiss and ride). No parking (until January 5) in Station Square area between the area reserved for the parking of taxis and ladders (on the police non-commissioned officers school), the area of ​​the former sottopensilina Toraldo of France (by moving the racks of bike rental in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, on the side of Via dei Banchi) and Montelungo square (side rail in the stretch between the ecological station for about twenty meters towards Viale Fratelli Rosselli) in derogation allowed to stop the bus long-distance line.

In Piazza Adua, side stop ex Lazzi means, is authorized as an exception to the current legislation, the short stop for the direct means to the station to allow the loading / unloading of passengers and the loading / unloading of luggage. These vehicles must use the Route: Via Santa Caterina d'Alessandria-off Via Nazionale Alinari-square-station-square-Adua via Cennni-Via Faenza-Dionisi-way boulevards. The transit shall be prohibited from 20 to Tuesday, December 31 at 8 am on Wednesday, January 1. (Continued)

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