(ASCA) - Rome, This morning in the Delivery Room of the University Hospital A. Gemelli in Rome came to light quadruplets (Elia, Francesca, Camilla, Anna). Mom and baby are in good condition considering the important prematurity '. The unique multiple birth - says the clinic - and 'took place at the 30th week of gestation by cesarean section performed at the Department for the Protection of Women's Health and Life Rising, Child and Adolescent. The young new mom Laura, from Foligno along with the new pope 'Moreno, was admitted to the Twins December 15, 2013 for early preeclampsia. The multiple births (three infants and up) are rare indeed are quadruplets (4 twins), as in the case of childbirth took place today at the Gemelli Polyclinic, about 1 in 730,000 births. '' We have decided today to give birth to quadruplets - explains Antonio Lanzone, director of the UOC of Obstetric Pathology - on the basis of maternal conditions, while denoting that a non-normality 'of some parameters have allowed us, under close observation, you can program the moment in which the assistance neonatology would be optimal, considering also the gestational age of 30 weeks, that for a pregnancy quadruplet represents substantially its natural evolution. In this circumstance, and commendable 'was the joint effort of the staff of the Unit' of Obstetric Pathology particularly colleagues and neonatologists of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who have succeeded in an organization really hard.'' Now infants are entrusted to the care of the team of Costantino Romagnoli, Director of the UOC of Neonatology of the Twins, who explains:'' It 'difficult now to predict the duration of hospital stay and especially the diseases that may present, but not the beginning and 'all uphill as you might suspect. Between 7-10 days will be 'possible to have more ideas' clear on the future. For now we can not treat them in the best way possible. We can only say that the difference in birth weight between 800 and 1400 grams, will not allow 'the return home of all the siblings together.''

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