Rome, - "If the government does not resign 9

January 10, there will be demonstrations of protest before the

prefectures throughout Italy. The day the ultimatum

coordinations can choose for themselves whether express

by sit-in in front of the regions, while it was decided

officially a great national for 18

January. " He does know a note Danilo Calvani, a leader

Coordination of December 9 that in recent weeks with the

Pitchforks movement organized blockades and demonstrations in

< p> different areas of Italy against the government.

Two days ago Calvani announced an ultimatum demanding the

resignation of the government and parliament by January 9:

< p> "The ultimatum to resign indicates that we are on the verge of

abyss and is a necessity that has become stronger after the

judgment of the Constitutional Court, which delegitimize the de facto

government and international treaties undertaken to date. The

government is aware and should have already been processed by a time

electoral law in accordance with the constitutional principles. "

And the government reshuffle advocated by the Secretary Pd

Matteo Renzi, for Calvani "seems to do a recipe for

New Year's Eve and instead is just an excuse to avoid a crisis

government that already exists. For courtesy, but I want to understand that

there is nothing to knead? The parliamentarians will have to resign.

If only you had paid attention to the interference of the people, we would not have

all this intolerance! Instead, we are burdened by taxes,

from the crisis that is ghigliottinando every sector of production

and there are those who can only eat once a day just to be able

to make ends meet! There are those who get into debt to go to

events or to pay to the City principals, poverty has

also removed the right to protest! And 'why we

claim for the resignation of all MPs. Resignation

mass by 9 January. If you still have the conscience to go

house, "he concludes.

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