Rome, (Reuters) - This year the alert for New Year's Eve is very high. In recent days, unfortunately, accidents caused by fireworks have multiplied, and hospitals of Naples and the province has already taken on high alert. "We are preparing for the worst - says the president of the Medical Bruno Zuccarelli - with the hope that the number of accidents is reduced to a minimum. It 's amazing that every year we should find to talk about' death toll ', as if it were a war. I hope that in the end common sense will prevail and that we do not let it go to absurd celebrations, such as shooting in the air with pistols and rifles. " Last year, the Campania has paid a high tribute: 107 wounded in the hospitals received a total of 361 people who have experienced trauma throughout Italy for having handled carelessly explosive material. Almighty the city budget, but there have been incidents even in the rest of the region. Among the most serious cases, the death of a restaurateur in Benevento, was killed by a rocket that hit him in the face, and that of a 49-year-old Avellino, who was preparing a battery of fires. "In Campania - said Zuccarelli - there was almost a third of accidents in Italy. Naples, needless to say, was one of the cities that have worn the black jersey. This, on the threshold of 2014, is not acceptable. Even so, most of the time, the victims are children. The irresponsible behavior of parents put their children at risk. " And by the medical and the Province of Naples, which always calls for caution when handling fireworks, also comes an invitation to a 'post-New Year's Eve' attention. "A lot of kids - adds the president - are injured, so too serious, picking up from the ground unexploded fireworks. A dangerous practice, just a moment to remain scarred forever. " Among the most common wounds are of course those of the hands and eyes. In this case, the advice is to rush to the hospital, trying to staunch any bleeding but without interfering with home remedies. Especially for the eyes, mishandling may in fact worsen the situation and undermine the possibility of a cure.

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