Milan, (TMNews) - "The Christmas storm moves away

finally the peninsula, after provoking storms,

landslides and damage to the strong wind species in the North

and the Tyrrhenian, but still leaves some trawling the Northeast

and Centrosud with clouds and some rain attenuation in

the next few hours. " The analysis of the meteorologist Edward

Ferrara, who continues: "The truce, however, will be short, because it already

Saturday will come a second disturbance is directly linked

a new name Erich violent storm that is hitting

once again the Northwest Europe, with winds up to over

100km between Scotland, England, Normandy, Belgium , Holland,

gusts of more than 140km / h over Wales, and the damage and disruption to

transport ".

" As for Italy New rainfall will reach the

North, from the western and eastern sectors of the extension

Triveneto by Saturday evening - says the expert - with new

snow on the Alps on average over 800-1200m, but locally since

to 500-700m by the end of the day. " More sun Centrosud,

except low residual noise on the Tyrrhenian coast and mists or

fog out valleys of the Centre, with time, however, in

deterioration within evening of Sardinia and Tuscany. Between Sunday and

Monday disturbance will involve more directly the

Centrosud, with rain and rain showers first on the Tyrrhenian

then on the Adriatic and Ionian, and snow in the Apennines average over

1100-1500m from the northern sectors.

For New Year's Eve should instead return temporarily to the beautiful

time, except the last rain in the South but a new New Year

disturbance should involve mainly the Centronord, with

snow hill in the northern regions.

"Attention finally to avalanche danger particularly high

in the next few days - and conclude by - because of the

large amounts of snow fall in the past few hours, especially

from 2000m up, which has yet to stabilize and is moist and

heavy, especially in the 2000m. " So do a lot of attention and

avoid dangerous off-piste: these expert tips.


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