(ASCA) - Rome, - In 2013 and 'reduced the tax burden on families Italian. The amounts, albeit quite modest, reversing a trend that in recent years had taken on a very worrying. To say and 'the Cgia, who made some simulations on three different types of families. Compared to 2012, this year a young worker without dependents benefits from a tax saving of € 15. For a dual-income family with a dependent child, however, the tax burden decreases of € 178, while it rises to 250 Euros remitted to a single income family with two dependent children. In 2014, at least for the first two cases, the situation and 'bound to improve, thanks to the reduction of the tax wedge approved by the Government Letta with the Law of Stability'. If the young worker contraction compared to 2013 will be 'of 111 € for the couple with a son rise' to 183 Euros. Only in the case of single-income family with a high average level of wages, taxes are likely to increase. Compared to this year, 2014 will pay '164 euro more'. '' With the abolition IMU on the first house and with the increase in income tax deductions for dependent children - says Secretary of Cgia, Giuseppe Bortolussi - in 2013 these measures have taken on an economic dimension greater than all the increases during the year. Thanks to this', the families were able to enjoy a lower tax burden compared to 2012. With the cutting of the wedge that will award 'only employees, in 2014 the savings will be more' heavy wage levels more 'low, and tend to shrink as it grows revenue. This benefit - that will amortize 'the increase due to the introduction of Tasi, to the addition of VAT and touch-up upwards' and the additional fuel - it will deal with' the families of pensioners and self-employed people who will not benefit cut the tax wedge. These households, therefore, will be called, most likely, to pay more 'than what they paid this year.'' In all cases, the Cgia points out, if the comparison is carried out between 2014 and 2011, when it was not yet applied to the IMU, the burden assumed a worrisome dimension. The young singles and 'saw an increase in the tax burden of € 273, the dual-income couple with a dependent child of € 339, while the single-income family even 749 Euros.

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