Florence, - (Adnkronos) -'' We learn from an interview with the local press that the commissioner Sara Biagiotti asks the managers of night clubs 'proposals for new forms of entertainment, other than those to be to consume alcohol in the street'. How habit of this administration we tend to download all the responsibility on activities, and this is unacceptable and offensive to companies and workers.'' This was stated by the leader of Forza Italian-PDL in the Palazzo Vecchio Marco Stella.

'' We do not accept that the so-called entrepreneurs in the local nightlife - explains Stella - are portrayed as irresponsible individuals who have the sole purpose of serving alcohol to children and as a way of managing their business to make drink off the premises. How can you say that the only proposal came from the managers of the premises has been to make drinking alcohol in the street? Biagiotti apologize to an entire class of entrepreneurs and workers who for years instead seeks to promote accountability in the use of drinking alcohol and that has always demonstrated desire to relate to the city administration for the management of nightlife, as evidenced by the signing of the Pact for the night.''

The City'', having no ideas on how to address the issue, download all commercial activities - adds Stella - as if these were the problem for us instead activities are an asset to the city that give jobs and produce prosperity. The problem of how to reconcile the right of residents to sleep soundly and that of the business to carry out their work is complex and certainly not resolved with the signing of a pact. We wonder what the councilor councilor Biagiotti ideas on how to manage the nightlife. Because if you ask ideas to others we must first tell their own, especially if you have the task of administering a city. In the eight months since we have not heard any Councillor idea by Biagiotti at this point since it has not yet been discharged from the Provincial Councillor but maintained the dual role of Councillor for the City of Florence and Councilor in the Province strongly advise you to go back to do full-time Provincial Councillor and to resign as commissioner, no one will miss him,'' he concludes Stella.

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