Florence, - (Adnkronos) -'' The New Year 2014 will not see, as we require each year along with numerous environmental groups and animal welfare, the signing of an order from the mayor anti-barrels, which for the period of the last year prohibiting the indiscriminate and unlimited outbreak of dangerous firecrackers which would benefit all users of the city, including the elderly and sick, and our pets who already suffer from days to continuous and sudden outbursts of barrels in the gardens and squares Florence and for whom the night of New Year's Eve will be a real torture. " The opposition says the councilor Thomas Grassi (Sel).

"We urge the Administration least, as was done in previous years, to issue an appeal to the citizens to limit the use of firecrackers and barrels for New Year - adds Sel - even if the results have so far been very limited and the delay will be done this year will not improve the effects. Already, there have been numerous reports of citizens and towns that have reached us about animals, dogs and cats in particular, terrified by the explosions and the noise that often involves leakage from their master, and in the worst cases, their death after he came under some machine. A real carnage and torture to which we should firmly oppose.''

'' That the barrels at year-end is a habit that is worth repeating unnecessary, polluting, annoying, also constitutes a danger to the public and to those who practice it can not see the City and the institutions helpless and passive. Every year in the squares of Florence - remember Fats - the safety of many citizens and many citizens who came to hear the outdoor concerts is put at risk by a minority bursting firecrackers and barrels without any supervision and without being punished because nothing is prohibited. Also this year we will be told that once signed the order, this would have been impossible to enforce? Would it not be better to at least try rather than allow anything, without any rules? Even those who are not sensitive to the subject animal can not believe that the practice of unnecessary firecrackers erupted in the streets without any choreography and devoid of any sense but only with the goal of "making noise", a practice that becomes even an element of high risk and danger to anyone, if the 'barrels' are made to erupt in crowded places,'' he concludes Grassi.

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