(ASCA) - Rome, -'' Half a billion a year in grants, like no other in Italy. Severance pay to executives unable millionaire. 12,000 employees. 1.6 billion loss in 10 years, worse than Alitalia. That 'the ATAC, the public transport company of the city of Rome, which survives in a regime far cry from that of the free market.'' This was stated in a note Massimo Bitonci, chairman of the Senate of the Northern League. '' While in Veneto local transport by rail and 'indecent, in Rome, even with the money of the Venetians, the park friends, if it' s true that 55% of the turnover of ATAC serves only to pay salaries. On the other hand - he added - and tariff evasion 'high, also estimated up to 40%. Too bad 'that auditors are only 70 evidently restructure the company by paying the ticket taker in the media do not care, so there' s always the State made a fine save. We look forward to the passage of Milleproroghe Letta: do not try to insert a provision Save Atac, providing more funds for yet another bandwagon Roman. The South must stand on its own legs or it will leave the North 'walk,'' he concluded.

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