Rome, - The year 2013 was, for agriculture, a

year to forget, for the Italian farms, the

continuing effects of the crisis and the succession of disasters

nature have lost income and employment. But

in the export of agricultural products and food items showed positivity.

This was underlined by the Center for Studies of Confagricoltura that a trace

budget on the year that is about to close .

In the opinion of Confagricoltura, based on good performance

foreign markets, it is believed that 2014 would be the year

levied in the country of , the recovery of income and

jobs. "We should all work to achieve this

result," said the Organization of farmers.

In the first nine months of the year - look at the Study Centre

Confagricoltura - the agricultural value added declined by 1, 4%.

's been definitely better than the industry sector (which

includes construction): -3 7% of the total economy

State which marked a 2.2% until September. However, the

negative figure is in addition to a series of push-ups that have lasted

for too many years and which show a drop in productivity that goes

remedied as soon as possible .

The number of employees recorded a negative figure, probably, like

said, due to poor seasonal pattern in particular

some sectors - highlights the Center studies

Confagricoltura -. The agricultural labor force in the first nine months

of the year were down 4.3% overall and 3.3% in the

busy employees. In both cases it is a trend

worst of evolution, already negative, the occupation of the

total national economy.

" sorry noted above - says Confagricoltura - that

given the evolution of the number of employed employees

practically cancels the brilliant rise of 3.6% in employment

< p> employees in the agricultural sector had recorded from 2011 to

2012 and that he had bet on a turnaround

structure. For which we will then, it seems, unfortunately

wait. "

The export data is certainly positive that bodes well -

concludes Confagricoltura -. In the first ten months of the year

agricultural exports (+3.4%) and in the agri-food complex

(agricultural processed more: +5.5%) grew and have

The performance of national exports significantly better

overall decline of 0.2% from January to October.

steadily growing share of exports the total agri-food

which rose from 8% in 2011 to 8, 5% in 2013 (Gen-Dec).

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