(ASCA) - Turin, Dec. 30 -'' The year 2013 marks the irreversibility 'Project of the Turin-Lyon.'' He said the government commissioner Mario Virano during the press conference at the end of year, on the border, pointing out that in the recent summit between Italy and France and 'infrastructure indicated'' no more' as a project, but as a work in progress.'' The summit in Rome, said Virano,'' he indicated very specific goals, and 18 December, the intergovernmental commission meeting in Rome has translated the directions in input operational Ltf giving the green light to proceed on a whole series of operations: close by the summer of the tender for the inclined shaft of the Porte Saint Martin that will allow'' 'at the turn of 2014 and 2015 the opening of the construction site of the'' most' difficult 9.5-km base tunnel - said Virano - where there are loose rocks. And that means we carry on with the work so that the remaining part, which will be 'carved in solid rock, and which provides for a period of six years digging around, arrive at the same time.'' Veer recalled that the end of the work tunnel geognostic of Mary Magdalene and 'expected in late 2015. LTF must 'prepare also the start of preliminary works, including a ventilation shaft in the French and Italian in the implementation of the first tunnel between Susa and Bussoleno to connect ferroviariamente the area of ​​the yard with the old line, the transfer of 'traffic center of Susa and track driving safely in the new center and the construction of the motorway junction Chiomonte. In the meantime, he added Virano, will boot 'the transition from the new LTF promoter who will have' no longer as shareholders' societies' stations, but directly to the two governments on whose board of directors will sit'' 'the representative of the European Commission that puts 40% of the funds.'' On this front, that of European funding, said Virano,'' working to prepare the complex application dossier formal'' and in June 2014, and 'planned to convene an intergovernmental committee that will pick up' the preliminary work that will ' done in the next six months. Veer also wanted to respond to the controversy on the alleged shortcomings in the decision process of the work, which sometimes resulted in the justification of violence of recent months examination of the judiciary, and have argued that the lack of representativeness' Territorial Observatory. The Government Commissioner has given a document with all the steps in decision-making in recent years, noting that'' we often forget that everything 'that we talked about and' additional to alliance rules provided for all the works in the country.''

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