(ASCA) - Rome, - Piazza Affari closes 2013 with a market capitalization of 438.2 billion euro, equal to 28% of GDP. It said in a statement that sums up the Italian Stock Exchange numbers this year. In particular, exchanges of shares have reached a daily average of 2.2 billion EUR and 227 040 contracts. A total of 56.8 million contracts were traded and a value of 540.7 billion Euros. The maximum daily value traded and 'was reached January 30th with 4.3 billion and EUR 409 685 contracts traded. Among the titles, Unicredit and 'was the most action' is exchanged for equivalent, with a total of 95.2 billion euro, both in terms of contracts with 5.5 million contracts. At 27 December, the total deposits and 'amounted to € 2.3 billion by companies' already' listed or newly admitted. 18 steps to increase capital have collected 949 million Euros. The 18 companies' that are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange through an Initial Public Offering in placement stage have collected 1.351 billion euro. 7 the OPA in 2013, for a total of 1.3 billion euro. Pr regard to the indices, FTSE Italy All-Share is an increase of 17.6% (20 508 annual max October 31, 2013, June 25, 2013 16,027 min). The FTSE MIB index grew by 16.5% (19,372 annual max October 22, 2013, June 25, 2013 15.057 min). Record performance instead for the FTSE Italy STAR registering a yoy growth of 54.7% (16,924 annual max: December 27, 2013). The new FTSE AIM Italy, has 11,459 registered share with a positive variation of 14.6% compared to year 2012 (data as of December 27, 2013). '' The year 2013 - said Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO of the Italian Stock Exchange - and 'was for the Italian Stock Exchange a very important year, marked by the launch and development of new projects and activities'. The resumption of freshmen with 20 admissions in the equity markets of the Italian Stock Exchange, including the most 'largest IPO since 2000 to counter required, Moncler, is a new starting point is important not only for the financial market, but for the entire Italian economy . The use of the capital market to finance growth by companies may 'represent an important engine of growth for our country. On the Italian Stock Exchange, in fact, transit capital from all over the world: the Italian Stock Exchange and 'an international financial center among the most' efficient and competitive in attracting the interest of investors from all continents; remember that over 90% of the base share of the Dow 'consists of international investors. Italian Stock Exchange, also continues its efforts to help the growth of financial literacy among the companies' unlisted as evidenced by the ELITE initiative that brings together today already '131 companies' unlisted.''

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