Belluno, (TMNews) - Dickensian atmosphere to the lumen of

candle in the chalets dell'Ampezzano where residents from 24 hours and

holidaymakers are facing, with difficulty, the blackout that has

moving the calendar back a hundred years. Heated from

stoves and fireplaces in the mountains of Veneto and 'hunt for candles and

firewood. The phone lines work in fits and starts and

it is difficult to charge cell phones or use the PC. Also

if Falcade Agordino and 'round the light. In

Meanwhile Terna and Enel just this morning, they put in

according to the second largest generator of maxi,

doubling the available power, with which you

are feeding about 2,000 customers in the center Ampezzo.

By the morning arrive in Cortina 29 other groups

generators that will be linked in the early hours of the afternoon

completing the re-feeding in the area. The commander of the

Firefighters Belluno, Mauro Longo has coordinated a series

inspections of aircraft on the area that will be made in

morning by firefighters and technicians Enel and Terna

check for damage on power lines. The suspicion is that the

failures caused by bad weather concern is that the high-

at the medium voltage. Can not say at the time when the

the situation will return to normal.

At the Co-operative store in the historic Italian course, are

snapped up the candles and this morning the bar, one of the few that

works downtown, and 'was mobbed. "It 'a huge damage

Cortina," said the store manager, Mario

Manaigo. Still haywire ATMs as they work to sob

petrol stations, which are essential for the operation of

generators. And 'slightly improved, however, the

road situation: if yesterday morning, the town was isolated,

Today, with tire temperature up to San Vito and chains them' on,

and 'can get up to Fiames, the last' outpost 'of

country. From San Vito onwards, however, the situation and 'difficult

because many do not have chains on board or do not know mount.

In the afternoon, once cleared from the streets tree trunks

fallen under the weight of snow, and rated the avalanche danger

should be reopened even the steps that connect with the

valleys and the neighboring regions.

It will not be restored before the 16 of today, however, the line

Railway bridge on the route in the Alps-Calalzo, blocked by

day St. Stephen the consequences of bad weather in

Belluno, with Trenitalia, which states that the service is

still guaranteed with replacement bus. In the city ', meanwhile,

recording the first referrals: the encounter ice hockey

Cortina-Asiago, scheduled for tonight, has been postponed in fact.

Into the meantime, teams of firefighters have made

dozens of interventions in the night to remove trees that

obstructing roadways and lead generators in

< p> barns or houses with disabilities. Come, finally, the data intensity 'of snow: Cortina centimeters fallen

are about 50, 70 in Arabba and Falzarego even 82.

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