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Here at Denali Touch Of Wilderness we want you to be informed, so we have compiled the most frequently asked questions.

It will answer many questions that have been posed by our guests, and it will help guide you to other places to find the answers.

If after viewing this section and you still have questions- please feel free to call 907-683-2459 and we will be glad to help you.  We want your stay to be a memorable one.

What do I pack when making the trip to Interior Alaska?

 We get asked this a lot.  Since the climate is ever changing here in the Interior- and with the change of seasons-plus with us being open year round, I will lay out the number one rule.  "dress in layers"  You can leave in the early morning for a bus tour- a hike- or white water rafting and then in the middle of the day- the weather would have changed.  Below I have outlined what you could expect to pack and for what season.

Spring: Long-sleeved shirt, jeans/slacks. Comfortable walking shoes. Waterproof boots. Windbreaker or Jacket. Wool sweater or Fiberfill vest.  You may wonder- why waterproof boots? Well, there is a thing here called "break-up" and that means that the snow from the long hard winters is finally melting.

Summer: Short-sleaved shirt, shorts. Long-sleeved shirt, jeans/slacks.  Comfortable walking shoes. Now if your going to go white water rafting- think "waterproof" and cover as much of your body as possible.  That water is cold.

Fall: Long-sleeved shirt, jeans/slacks. Warm hat and gloves. Comfortable walking shoes. Windbreaker or Jacket. Wool Sweater or Fiberfill Vest

Winter: Long-sleeved shirt, jeans/Slacks Warm hat and gloves. Insulated Boots. Long Underwear. Wool Sweater or Fiberfill vest. Winter Coat. A side note for winter wear- temperatures can get well below zero here- so please make sure you pack winter wear specific for this type of cold.

One Footnote: Denali Mountain Works has a full line of complete outdoor gear-even fishing supplies.  So if you do forget something- they got you covered.  Located right outside the entrance of the park. Mile 239 Parks Highway Open 9a-9p daily.

Also ladies... no need to pack a blow dryer.  For your convenience, each room has it's own hand held dryer.

Do you have Internet connection?

  • buuteeq Internet

We do, We offer "free" WiFi. We also have a computer for our guests to use- to check their emails or to do research on what they might want to do or to use to book Shuttle reservations. The best reception is found in our Common Areas. In fact our two overstuffed chairs is a favorite with our guest to sink in and surf away. In the rooms you get reception but it is weaker than in our common areas. But since we have four common areas- you'll have no problem hooking up.

Make sure to ask for the WiFi passcode when you check in...

What type of Activities are there while I stay with you?

This is another question that guest want to know.  After all this is "the great outdoors."  The best way to answer that is to direct you to our Activities page located at the top of the banner.  This will go into detail as to what you can choose as your activity when you visit us.  I also want to direct you to our Concierge Activity Form on the Activity page - this is much needed information to help in the booking process.  We want to make sure you get exactly what your looking for.

  • bus_tours
  • rafting

Is there places to eat in your local area?

This is something that people want to know since we are a Bed & Breakfast, they want to know where to have their lunch and dinners. Below are two of the most commented on eateries from our guests who have eaten there. The Black Diamond-  and the 49th State Brewing Company.

The Black Diamond is located off of Parks Highway on Otto Lake. Mile 247 about 8 miles from the Inn.  It serves Alaskan Gourmet -American cusine. From Half Pound Burgers, Salads, Homemade Soups and Great Sandwiches for lunch to fresh Alaskan seafood and steaks for your dinner and  with great portions and even better prices. (the middle picture is one of many dishes they serve. Make sure to check out their onion rings!  They also serve an array of fine wines.  And if you make reservations they can bring the van to pick you up and drop you off.

The 49th State Brewing Company: is located right off the Parks Highway (Hwy 3) Mile 248.4 5.5 miles from the Inn. Known for their "award winning buffalo wings" and their handcrafted Beer from the full service brewery.  They also have "The Fairbanks City Transit System Bus # 142" that was used in the movie "Into The Wild" parked on their property, so you can take your own picture and say " I saw The Magic Bus" 

Now beside these two featured restaurants- we also have Henry's Coffee Shop just one mile down the road. Who offers a "Free" slide show for their dinner guests. and while your there, for a small fee- you can visit their mushing dogs.   For a quick Pizza  to bring back here and eat in our breakfast dinning area- there is the Totem Inn - Mile 248.7 5 miles from Inn. They have both a cafe and Lounge. For a more "diner" experience there is Rose's right off parks highway. Mile 249.5   4 miles from Inn.

Now if you want to head down the Canyon-just before Denali National Park- you have many choices from Denali Doghouse, The Perch, The Great Alaskan Fish & Chip co., Subway, Prospectors Pizzeria & Alehouse, Denali Salmon Bake to the Elegant 229 Parks.  Really something for everyone. You can even find more dining in the McKinley Chalet Resort. 

To see the Commercial Area down in the Canyon we have provided a map under the FAQ section.  Check it out and see all the locations of the eateries, the places where you can shop, and where many activities are located.

  • Healy AK
  • Black Diamond  food
  • 49th state Brewery

You can also check out our "location" section to see the exact locations of most of these restaurants.

Do you take American Express?

  • We got you covered

We do- in fact we take all major credit cards.  We usually ask for a one night deposit to hold the room on your card of choice (if you reserve more than one room, it would be a one night deposit for each room) Then we will run your card at time of check-in for the remaining balance. You can also use your card to make purchases from our gift shop if you decide to take a little something home for someone else.  (see our Gift Shop section to view our items for sale.) Our Coffee Mugs seem to be a favorite.

What is your cancellation policy?

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation prior to 2 months of stay will result in a $30.00 cancellation fee. Cancellation prior to 1 month stay will result in a $45.00 cancellation fee. Cancellation within the same month of stay (and the room cannot be filled) will result in the loss of the 1 night room deposit.   (per room)

Can we see the Northern lights from here?

As the days get longer in the summer and the brighter it gets, the Northern lights diminish.  Depending upon when you are here, chances vary.  For daily forecasts and up-to-date information you can go to the Auora Forcast site.

  • Aurora
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  • Northern lights

What type of animals can one see while at your place?

We have Moose that visit quite often.  Some of our guest have gotten some great shots on their camera's of Moose walking past their bedroom window or out of the bottom floor common area, which is wall to wall windows.  Then in the Breakfast area is a great way to spot them from above.  One day our guests were waiting for the Moose to show up, and as the last guest left for the morning- as soon as the car drove off the lot- the Moose showed up! I guess he was waiting for the last one to leave.  Then we had another guest that saw a moose, went to get his camera- and when he returned - the Moose was gone.  One lady wrote in our guest book located in each room "We missed the Moose by minutes!"  So they make their presence - but their not on any type of schedule.  They do seem to come around in the rain, or late at night- but then again you can't predict when wildlife will show up.

We also had a Bear visit once - see our "The Bear Facts" article... But not to worry- that was over a decade ago! None have shown up since.

  • Young Male (Bull) Calf
  • Bear

Are there trails right in this area to hike?

There are no "official" trails in this area. Many people take walks on the road as we are in a subdivision and the land is private property for the first 5 miles of Stampede Road.

You can hike by 8 mile lake, and since we are at 2.9 mile marker, it is only 5 miles down the road.

Or you can hike in Denali Park where they are some guided hikes. You can also hike inside the park when you get off the Shuttle bus. Then you can catch another bus after you are done with your hike. (green shuttle bus)

We have a great reference book on "Denali Walks" you can order it before your trip and plot out exactly what you will want to do when you get here! At the Alaska Geographic store

  • Denali Walks
  • hiking denali - Copy
  • Denali Sign

When and where is the breakfast available?

And can we change our breakfast order?

Breakfast is served from 4A to 10A each morning. The reason why it is so early is that we have guests (90% of them) that have early shuttle bus schedules.  The breakfast is self-serve, but the staff is there from 7A to  10A to help you. Your individually ordered meat & egg dishes will be in the large fridge up there with your room number on them. However we ask that you be respectful of the need for quiet, especially in the very early hours.  Also, please note that the buffet style food & beverages are for breakfast only.

The Breakfast area is located on the second floor.  It has a wall of triple pane windows that capture the beauty of the Alaskan Range.  What a way to spend your breakfast - taking in such wonderful views!

You can change your breakfast orders by filling out another form located in the rooms or on the upstairs breakfast menu table.  Just please place a second updated copy in the folder provided in the dining room, labeled "New breakfast menus" BEFORE NOON on the day before the change is requested (i.e. on day 1 you check-in and fill out an order for Day 2.  On Day 2 you decide you would like to try something different for Day-3, we must have the new order form in the folder by NOON OF DAY 2 to make the changes for Day 3.  (changes after that time may not be possible)

Now if you want to have the same breakfast as the day before- you can just mark on the menu sheet "same as yesterday" Before we were stating not to do anything- but it has caused come confusion so we will update our procedure by you notifying us. This way all menus are accounted for.

  • Welcome To Our Breakfast Area
  • Beauty At Breakfast
  • Breakfast Area

How many rooms do you have?

  • 9 rooms

We have 9 rooms.  Rooms 1-6 are located on the lower level and rooms 7-9 are on the upper level.

Each room is individually decorated, and the name fits the decor.

#1 Southwestern

#2 Flower Garden

#3 Alaskan 

#4 Country Charm

#5 Victorian

#6 Emerald

#7 Misty Blue

#8 Springtime

#9 Simplier Times

  • 9 Rooms to choose from

Can we use the kitchen to cook our own dinners?

And can we also eat in the Breakfast area for those dinners?  (or any dinners we may bring back from going out?

Use of the kitchen must be with prior consent.  If you use the kitchen all meal preparation and clean up has to be done by 10PM, we ask that you not start the dishwasher after you put all your dishes in it, because we want to be respectful of our other guests who leave early for the trip to the park.

Also, You can use the breakfast area for your dinner meals, we just ask that you clean up after yourself. (our morning staff does not come in till 7A)

  • Kitchen our guests can use
  • Breakfast Bonus!

If we leave our things behind-will they be undisturbed?

  • Do Not Disturb

Of course- each room has it's own key, so you can lock up your things.  For added protection, if you want to make sure that your computers/laptops or tablets are undisturbed while your out experiencing the Alaskan adventure- we provide "Do Not Disturb" signs that you can hang on your door.  That way the housekeepers knows not to touch your room! 

Or you can flip it over and we will have our housekeepers service your room, by emptying the trash, change out any towels that are soiled and on the floor, new drinking glasses (if your's are dirty) and make your bed(s) back to being fresh and crisply madeIt's completely up to you as to the level of privacy you desire. 

You have made many references to "Quite Time" what is that?

Quiet time is between the hours of  10PM to 7A

Since 95% of our guests leave early we have to adheare to the quite time before 7A so as not to disturb any of our sleeping guests - just the same as the 10P quite time, that is for the ones that leave early for Shuttle bus tours.  That is also the reason for the early 4A -10A self-serve breakfast.  They are up and out real early.

We have found that oftentimes people are not accustomed to longer daylight hours and they are not intentionally ignoring our requests.  You may want to politely point out the actual time to them, most people will apologize and actually thank you for reminding them that they need some sleep as well.  However if the situation is such that you do not feel comfortable speaking to them directly, please call one of our staff members (numbers will be provided when you stay here) 

It is our goal to ensure, to the best of our ability, that all our guests have the most enjoyable Alaska experience possible.  After all everyone is enjoying their vacations, they are excited of the new adventures Alaska has in store for them.

  • Denali National Park
  • road lottery
  • Denali shuttle bus tours

Is there a place to store our food & beverages?

  • Kitchenette

The fridge in the downstairs common area is for all our guests to use. While we've never had a problem with "food bandits" it is advisable to label your groceries with your name and room number.  This will also help us to know when to dispose of anything left behind.

 There is ice and ice cube trays in the freezer section of the fridge. Also in this area we have a cork screw for those that want to have wine. Wine glasses can be obtained in the upper kitchen area.

This also is an area for coffee, tea, hot chocolate along with mugs to use, and to-go cups so you can take some coffee with you on your drive to the park.  

Is there really such a thing as a "White" Moose?

  • White Moose
  • Tricolor moose
  • white moose 2

YES! They are called Albino Moose. One was spotted just recently in Delta Junction, some 100 miles from here, spotted with a brown calf.

As you can see there are White Moose, Black Moose, and Brown Moose. (Middle picture)
The White Moose is great camouflage during the winter snowy months here in Alaska, but watch out for hunting season or the summer (easy to spot)

They have been spotted here at the Inn, but only on extremely rare cases. In fact the chances of spotting one are inconceivably large!

Footnote: We have a couple of photos of Albino Moose for sale in our gift shop.

Is there a place to do our laundry?

  • Laundry Room

We do have a laundry area on site. Guests can use them, but must be pre-arranged, and is determined by our own work load. the cost is $7.00 a load which includes wash/dry along with laundry detergent and softner. So just let us know when you need them and we can help you get them done! Some guests have put in a couple of loads in the evening while they watch TV or a DVD. The only restriction is the 10PM quite time, so ALL drying will need to be done before that time. Usually starting your wash before 7P is a safe bet that it will get done before our 10PM timeline.  (all laundry requests need prior approval) 

A lot of our guests have traveled long distances, and for long lengths of time, so having access to launder their clothes is a much welcome amentiy. It's so nice to leave with clean fresh and clean packed cloths.

Now if something cannot be arranged then there is a place in Healy at the Miners Market right off of the main highway. They have washers and dryers in their lower level.

In the winter- do you have plug-ins?

Yes!  We have a total  6 recepticals for our guests to use - two cars per recepticals can be plugged in at one time.  Our ladies who come for the retreats make good use of them. (the other 2 receptical is reserved for the owner)

  • Plug in for cars