Guests from around the World !

What draws people here? Denali - Mt. McKinley

Since the day the doors were opened in 1991- People from all over the world have stayed at our B&B.  

Be sure to look at the full Seven Continents of guests who have enjoyed their Alaskan experience while they were here in Alaska. And find your own country so you can see what your country men are saying!

  • Guests from around the world

It is always fun to read what our guests have to written of their Alaskan experience along with the comments of their stay with us and in their own writing! At first I wanted to present them in a more fasionalbe way but then decided to take them right out of our guest books, in their own writing, their own words, and sometimes in their own languages (plus it gives others the chance to read what previous guests have experienced)

I have tried to compile a little something from all the guests books we have. Some from years past and some from just this last year. Make sure to keep watch for all the reviews taken from our own guest books.  More will be added each year!

And while you are here staying with us- you can add your very own Comments!

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Each Colored Tab Represents An International Traveler

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When I first started this project, I pulled all the Guests Books from each of our 9 rooms. As you can see there are many colored tabs throughout the pages. That means one of our International guests had written something in those books.
My vision was to compile a list of the 7 Continents and show which place our guests are from, and from what  continent. I then wanted to show a few of the reviews that they have left behind. That's one thing about this B&B - it's like a real  Geography lesson- come to life!


The Seven Continents


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