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Gordon Brown has told David Cameron his promise of more powers for Scotland is not radical enough , as he warned the Prime Minister not to play fast and loose on the constitution in the wake of the referendum result.

The former Prime Minister is this week set to reveal more details of his plan for further powers for Scotland after the No campaign s triumph last month.

Speaking on Sky s Murnaghan programme, Mr Brown said the Conservatives were making a mistake by not going further in their offer, which should include issues like transport and the environment.

He said: If we did that, I think we could get an agreement on very extensive powers, a powerhouse parliament, and I think we could move forward pretty quickly, accepting that we want to stay part of the United Kingdom.

However, plans to devolve 100% of control over income tax to Scotland don t make sense , according to Mr Brown.

He wants the Scottish Parliament to be responsible for raising 54% of its own revenue, quadrupling the figure from the £4bn it currently raises to £18bn in 2016.

Mr Brown also warned that Mr Cameron s pledge of English votes for English laws made after the No vote would also be a mistake.

While Mr Brown insisted he supports the devolution of power to English regions and cities, he cautioned against restricting the rights of Scottish MPs to vote on certain issues.

He said: So we want to see more decentralisation, more powers to the Welsh assembly and we want to see devolution, if you like, all round the United Kingdom. But what does English votes for English laws mean in practice?

It means simply this: restricting the rights of Scottish Members of Parliament to be first class citizens at Westminster.

If the Conservatives pursue that then it s very difficult to see how you can have one United Kingdom and two classes of representation.

The interview came as William Hague, the Cabinet minister who is leading cross-party talks on the issue, told the Sunday Telegraph that Labour leader Ed Miliband should agree soon to only English MPs voting on English issues or vote against the plans. 

Mr Brown said the PM s remarks after the referendum were unstatesman-like and he should regret what he did .

You cannot promise Scotland something on a Tuesday then change the offer the day after the referendum on the Friday and I think the Conservatives have got to think again about playing fast and loose with the constitution, Mr Brown said.

Conservative MP John Redwood told Sky News he was disappointed Mr Brown had made such a wayward and unfounded attack on the PM.

The Prime Minister will honour every pledge he made to Scotland and he will be right to do so, he said.

He will collaborate with Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders who also made solemn promises to Scotland.

None of us want to stand in the way of more devolution to Scotland, we keep our word. The Prime Minister also rightly said that England now needs justice.

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