The BEAR Facts...

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Ran this ad about a Bear that enterend Our B & B one early September morning over a decade ago.

  • Bears- note card photo
  • Black Bear- note card photo

I think the black bear did it... he looks mischievous!

Not to worry- This was the only Bear visit - ever!

  • Bear Entered Bed & Breakfast

The article went on to say...

He grabbed his gun & flashlight and headed to the house.  "He yells in there...'come out and show yourself because I have a gun" Claspill said.  Owen yelled back "It's Mike and Pat (from) next door.  Don't shoot- there is a bear in the house.  I said that very forcefully and clearly." 

Sometime before all of the commotion, the bear left through the same door it came in. Nobody saw it clearly enough to say whether it was a Grizzly or a Black Bear, or how old it appeared to be.  But the state Department of Fish and Game spokeswoman Cathie Harms said it sounds like something a young bear would do. "Most of the times when a bear goes into structures or goes close to people it is a young hooligan that has been kicked out by mom." she said.  "They are highly curious animals." 

While she can laugh about it now, Claspill said, it was scary at the time.  "I was afraid that maybe it would panic and not be able to get out."

Despite the drama, the bear caused relatively little damage, Claspill said, and nobody was injured.

"It knocked over our monitor, our printer, all of the plants, "she said,  I have a claw mark in my rug in there"

Perhaps the worst damage was the slobber.  "I had this bear goopy stuff all over everything. "she said" I was very lucky it didn't pee or poop in the house at all. I thought they were going to kill it right here in my house and oh my God the mess."

Later she found out that the bear had gotten into the dumpster at the end of the driveway as well, she said.  "I think all the way around I was very lucky.

Reporter Marmian Grimes can be reached at or 459-7504

* with expressed permission from Peggy Johnson- photos from note cards sold in our gift shop. Photography by Johnny Johnson.