Plan Your Use For The B & B's Winter Season

Winter Season - September 21th to May 15th

Advanced booking required for Retreats!

Overnight Capacity 25.

  • Retreat Tables set
  • Buffet set up

Scrapbooking and Quilting Retreats

Ladies from both Scrapbooking and Quilting have "the run of the house" when they come.  We provide them with Lunch/Dinner (one has all three meals) Buffet Style and they use the breakfast area for their "work space"  Lot's of room to spread out- and get so much done. We use our large rooms floor space to accommodate these group.s They have been coming here for 10 years now. Twice a year- Spring and Fall. Usually a week in Feb or March and then Oct or Nov. When they walk in the door they say..."We're Home!"  This is their get-a-way, time to enjoy each others company- time to be pamperd and not have to cook, and time to get a lot accomplished in their work.

  • Room # 9 Simpler Times- futon folded out

We have even had the pleasure of an honored guest Ree Nancarrow famed quilt artist who is part of the "Rags" quilting group that has been coming to our retreats for 10 years.

We have plenty of room for your retreats-most of our rooms have two beds and the others have thick, soft futons that turn into doubles and of course we also have roll-a-way's (2 of them) along with air mattresses.  we have had knitting retreats at one time- so if you want to get another one started- we can accommodate your group.  What a better way to spend a week!

Church and/or School Retreats

We have housed the Senior class for their final year retreat.  Have held silent retreats. So what ever your need we are here to fill it.


Hunters Base Camp

  • Coke Wallace Midnight Sun Sarfari

Midnight Sun Safaris is just down the street from the Inn and the hunters that come from all over the world, use us as their base camp. Actually its a place for a warm breakfast and a hot shower after being out in the bush.  In fact we have been told that this is their "Home Away From Home"  Trohpy hunters who want to hunt wild game such as Dall Sheep, Grizzly, Caribou, Moose, Lynx and Wolverine can have their chance.  It is not for the faint at heart. These are guided tours with an experienced huntsman named Coke Wallace.

  • Lynx

We had a hunter that was staying with us who made a great catch.  Two Lynx. Quite the trophy to take home and what a great way to remember his Alaska Adventure.

College Extension Workshops

We have the space.  Book your workshop with us today.  We can accommodate your attendees.  Our Inn is quiet and has a lot of room for your people to spread out and get some work done.

Winter Season Guests

  • Room 1 King Sleigh Bed

B & B Guest Rooms Still Availible During These "Winter" dates.

Infact this time of year is when we have our best prices!  We will just fit you inbetween our other scheduled events. (Since they book a year in advance) So don't let your chance to stay with us during this time slip past you!

These tend to be our more quieter times- so start a warm crackling fire, pour you some wine, enjoy a DVD and take in the views, what better reason to snuggle - to keep warm!

Family Reunions

Advance bookings required- (have to make sure the number of rooms needed are sectioned off)

Overnight Capacity 25       These have taken place during the summer as well !

What a great place to "meet up" with other family members.  Our nine room Inn has plenty of space (over 7,000 sq ft) and a large breakfast area to accomidate even the largest family. Plus extra dinning space-   Celebrate your family reunions with us.  Watch some TV, play some board games or cards. It will feel just like home, because you'll have "the run of the house"  If you choose the later time of the year you can take in some Snowmobiling, Mushing, Cross Country Skiing, and all other beauty this winter season has to offer. (see our Winter Enthusiasts article)

  • Room # 4 Country Charm

Small Business Meetings

Meeting Capacity 55.

Advance bookings required- (have to make sure the number of rooms needed are sectioned off)

If you need a place to gather- we can accomidate you.  Our Breakfast area is large enough to give you the space to conduct your meetings. The surroundings are such that one can "play" and work at the same time.  What a great way for your company to "show it's appreciation" for his hard working crew!  Don't forget - we are open year round.

  • Great Space For A Meeting

You have the need- We  have the room.  And what better way to conduct business than among such beautiful surroundings!